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A Brief Affair

1 Hour:  $700

1.5 Hours: $900

2 hours:  $1300

 3 hours: $1900 

4 hours: $2500 

Lasting Memories

12 hour: $6,000

24 hour: $9,000

48 hours: $12,000


Visits to your place: +$100

Photoshoot: +$100

Bookings after 8pm: +$100

Cancellation Fees 

5-7 days: 25% of engagement

3-4 days: 50% of engagement

24-48 hours: 75% of engagement

Less than 24-hours: 100% of engagement

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Fly Me to You


I am available in your location for a minimum 6 hour booking. Travel must be business or first class and hotel accommodations must be a minimum 4 stars.

20% deposit and itinerary fees are required upon booking.

Bookings for outside of tour area may be subject to travel fees and a 90 min commitment.

Any other questions or concerns may be sent through HERE

Passport available and enthusiastic to travel!

ANY money exchanged is for time and companionship; 


In order for our time together to be exceptional; All new friends MUST be screened!

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